A different patch of desert

So I guess it was inevitable in the end.  After nearly a full twelve months of travelling between Dubai and Doha each week for work, I'...


Summer months

Well it's been a while since I last posted on the goings-on out here in the desert, so here's a bit of an update from the last fe...


Japan #5: The last leg

So the last stop on the trip was Osaka, half an hour or so south of Kyoto. I took one of the local trains and set off for another mammoth d...


Japan #4: Temples and sushi

As heavy snow fell, I departed Takayama and headed back to Nagoya to catch the Shinkansen onwards to Kyoto.  I'd booked myself into a ...


Japan #3: Mountains

So Takayama was the second destination on my trip around Japan. A hour and a half on the Shinkansen bullet train took me to Nagoya, where ...


Japan #2: Instructions

With a high and low temperature heated seat, variable pressure shower and bidet options, and a self lowering lid, this Japanese 'showe...


Japan #1: Lost in translation

So, here I am in Japan.  Land of the rising sun.  I flew into Narita airport on Friday evening and was disappointed to see a rather wet, ...


Things you don't see at home #6

My favourite shop in Bur Dubai: Strange General Trading...


Twelve months in

So I've now been here a year. Quite where that time has gone, and what I've done with it, I don't know. What I do know is it t...


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