Diary from Doha

So here I am in Doha International Airport again, en route back to the UK. Am now regretting booking this Qatar Airways flight as it's almost doubled the amount of time it's taking me to get from Dubai to London... All my other flights after this one are direct with Emirates luckily.

This airport rates only second to Kuwait in terms of lack of things to do... Some sketchy duty free, no bar, even this free wifi is pretty dodgy.

Am looking forward to getting back home for royal wedding number 2, followed by a week spent in a field in Somerset - yep it's Glastonbury time again. Can't wait although the weather forecast looks to be somewhat less promising than last year! Still it'll be fun come rain or shine.

I've been in Dubai for 5 months now - the time has passed ridiculously fast but even so I can't wait for a much needed few days off from work, and am looking forward to returning rejuvenated after a week spent in the English countryside!

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